Internet Resources for Teaching ELA with Ohio’s Learning Standards

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Please Note: This course was formerly titled Internet Resources for Teaching ELA with Common Core State Standards. Ohio’s Learning Standards are based on Common Core State Standards. 

In a nutshell, here’s what to do:

Scroll down to see a list of lessons. Click on the first uncompleted lesson in the sequence.

All lessons must be completed in sequence.  If you try to visit a lesson before completing the previous one, you will not be able to see the lesson content and you’ll be prompted to return to a previous lesson.

As each lesson is completed, you’ll see the green check box in the status column on the lesson list below.  You’ll also see a progress bar at the top of the left column on all lesson pages.

You can always revisit any lesson that you’ve already completed. As a bonus, you will have access to all lessons in this course for one full year!   However, you will have to complete the course and requirements by the due date to finish the course for Lake Erie College and receive credit.

You’ll learn more information about the structure of this course, how to navigate this course website, and how complete assignments and the final project in the first lesson.

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