Let’s Learn About Making Lessons for the Smart Board with Notebook Software Course Requirements

Note:  It is not necessary to have access to a Smart Board for this course, but you must have Smart Notebook software on your computer.   A free 30-day trial of Smart Notebook software is available for download if you do not have access to a Smart Board at your school.

Scroll down for a video description of the course requirements and grading standards.

Participants will complete twenty lessons in sequence.

Each lesson includes a video and an assigned Notebook activity to give practice with some of the skills demonstrated in the video.  The completed Notebook activity will be uploaded for grading.

The final project for this course is to create a Notebook lesson with 10 pages using some of the skills learned in the course.

Requirements for passing the course or a letter grade is based on points earned for participant in lessons, completion of lesson assignments, and completion of the final project.

The total possible points = 150

Course Participation = 30 Points (1.5 points for each lesson)
Lesson Assignments = 60 points (3 points for each lesson)
Final Project = 60 points

Points earned will be divided by the total for a percentage to determine the final grade for the course:

A = 90%-100%   135-150 total points
B = 80%-89%     120-134 total points
C = 70%-79%     105-119 total points
D = 60%-69%     90-104 total points
F = 0%-59%        0-89 points

Pass/Fail:           At least 90 points; participate in all lessons + complete all assignments or complete the final project

It may be helpful for you to you track your progress through the lesson activities on the printable grade sheet that I use to determine your course grade.   Detailed guidelines for the final project may be helpful to you as well.

Printable Reference Handouts:

Grade Sheet

Final Project Guidelines

Set aside 24 to 30 hours to complete all of the lessons, assignments, and final project for this course.  All of the work must be completed by the final deadline to get your two semester hours of credit.

AS a bonus, you will have access to this course website and videos for one full year after your registration date so that you can stop back to review skills as needed.