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Meet Laura Bogush, the instructor
for online courses at SmarterTechAcademy.

I have always been fascinated by technology and how I could use it in my classroom. Just to put things in perspective, I started teaching in 1980. I’m old enough to remember the days of blue fingers, dittos and the duplicating machine. In those days, even in my wildest dreams I could have never imagined that I someday I’d be able to create and send a worksheet from my classroom computer to the copy machine in the office to get a class set of copies. Or that my chalkboard would be replaced with an interactive whiteboard.

My first introduction to a computer was in 1984 when my elementary school got the first Apple IIe computer in the district. It was an exciting event for both teachers and students! I took my first computer class in 1985 and learned how to write simple programs in BASIC. Soon after, I got a computer in my classroom and worked to integrate technology into my instructional practice. The ever-changing nature of technology has always encouraged me to grow as a educator.

Over  ten years ago, I was introduced to Smart Board technology. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this tool would revolutionize the way I taught. I was the first in my building to teach with a Smart Board and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve always been willing to share what I’ve learning with colleagues. In 2002, I began teaching professional development seminars at Lake Erie College. Most of my seminars are related to the use of technology and Smart Boards.

In June 2011, I retired from teaching first grade for the Chardon Local Schools after thirty-one years of service. I’m very excited to have more time to support teachers as they use technology to facilitate learning in the classroom at all grade levels.

Here is a link to my professional resume, just in case you’d like more information about my background.   Laura signature

Thank you for your interest!